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The following job description may or may not be identical to the duties and responsibilities required by any particular cleaning company.  However, it will give you a general  idea of the obligations you may be expected to fulfill as a cleaning team member of the company to whom you may be submitting an application for employment.

Cleaning Team Member Job Description

Basic Function:

Responsible for the cleanliness of client's homes


  1. To be depended on to arrive at work at the prescribed time each day, knowing full well that tardiness and absences from work will place hardship on fellow team members and disrupt client cleaning schedules.

  2. Perform various cleaning activities, to include cleaning bathrooms, bathroom fixtures, showers and tubs, and including washing floors, cleaning kitchens, vacuuming carpets, dusting, polishing and other cleaning-related activities in accordance with instructions given by the Team Leader.

  3. Report any broken items, accidents or injuries promptly to the Team Leader.

  4. Move couches, chairs and other furniture as needed.

  5. Secure homes, including locking doors and windows, and activating alarms, without letting pets out

  6. Report any security or safety violations to the Team Manager immediately.

  7. Report any emergency maintenance problems to include toilets and other water fixtures to the Team Leader or Team Leader immediately.

  8. Wear appropriate uniform and personal protective equipment in accordance with the job you are performing.

  9. Learn specific cleaning techniques of the company based on time and motion. Work smarter, not harder.

  10. Attend and participate in meetings as requested by the Team Leader (aka Team Manager), Office Manager, or Owner.

  11. Understand and adhere to safety procedures as established in the company's Safety Program Handbook.

  12. Drive to specified locations when requested and clean and maintain vehicle.

  13. Leave premises in a safe manner, as to the condition it was found.

  14. Communicate effectively with team members and clients.

  15. Perform other related duties as assigned


  • Organization

  • Ability to aid team members in lifting 50 or more pounds

  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time

  • Ability to reach, bend, stoop and kneel

  • Oral communication skills

  • Written communication skills

  • Reasoning skills


Prior cleaning experience may be helpful.


Must meet valid insurance underwriting requirements

Position Reports to:

Team Leader (sometimes referred to as Team Manager) or another supervisor

There may be a difference in the job description for a cleaning team member at the company where you submit your application for employment.  However, the above outline is representative of the duties and obligations required by most house cleaning business employers.

Many companies work with teams of two or three people, in which case there are additional responsibilities for an individual who often holds the position of "team leader" or a similar designation.  Naturally, in the case  of employers who send out one person to clean a client's home, there is no team leader position.  In these instances the individual cleaner often reports to a field supervisor.

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